Scenario:A single smart card protect your assets, and yourself.

Physical Security

A single smart card controls all accesses to security zones. A video image is recorded synchronized with the card waving.Traditional keys are safely kept in a key cabinet equipped with a smart card reader.

  • Building and Door Access Control System
  • Key Cabinets
  • CCTV Cameras & Recorders

Document Security

Your printouts are safely retained in the printer until you wave the card on it, so as not to allow someone to take them away. Whole document lifecycle, from printing, filing to disposal, are managed with your single smart card.

  • Secure Printers with smart cards
  • Secure Cabinets with smart cards
  • Secure Paper Shredders with smart cards

PC Security

The same smart card permits you to log on to your PC. The process can be configured to refuse a card without door entry record in it. And any user activities are monitored and recorded along with the smart card ID number for the purpose of audit trail and information leakage prevention.

  • Smart Card Logon
  • PC Activity Monitoring System

Labor Management and Welfare Services

Employees services are put in place with a single smart card, covering attendance management, cashless payment at the cafeteria and vending machines, which helps the company to streamline office work.

  • Time and Attendance System
  • Corporate Cafeteria POS System

Security Managment

Centralized management systems are available to mange smart card issuance and grant employees access rights to security equipment. Access logs accumulated in each system can be assembled into one place with a single ID number as a principal key on the database.

  • ID Card Management System
  • Printer Integration Servers
  • Log Integration and Management System

Other Applications

Door access control and PC logon records can be utilized for monitoring employees' presence, which would be helpful in case of disaster.
The presence information would also be used for electric power control of office equipment.

  • Employee Presence Management under Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Energy Saving Controls for Office Equipment

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